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NYC's Midtown is Still Empty and Landlords are Sounding the Alarm

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Weekly Round-Up: Issue 121820

Are NYC Offices Reflecting parallels to a modern day ghost town?

Midtown Is Still Empty, and Landlords Are Sounding the Alarm | Bloomberg


2021, hope on the horizon, will vaccines pave the way to global economic growth?

“Global allocators will need to champion investments that not only are set to thrive in a faster nominal GDP environment than in recent years, but also synch up with our six 'mega macro themes:' the rise of the global millennial; the need for asset-based cash flows in diversified portfolios; beneficiaries of increased fiscal spend; domestication of global demand and supply; increased dispersions; and secular compounders/innovators”

KKR Global Perspectives 2021: Another Voice | KKR


“The Winter of Discontent:" A thought provoking read by JP Morgan’s Michael Cembalest

Eye On The Market | JP Morgan


Bloomberg study of 17 developed markets and their outlook in to 2021

“Thailand topped the list, owing to its solid reserves and high potential for portfolio inflows, while Russia scored No. 2 thanks to robust external accounts and a strong fiscal profile, in addition to an undervalued ruble. China scores fairly poorly given that high expectations are already baked in, while Brazil is a laggard due to a mounting fiscal deficit and debt concerns.”

China Lags as Thailand, Russia Rank Top Emerging Market Picks | Bloomberg


A steadfast framework for capital market and economic observations in the midst of rising speculative anecdotes and perceptions

Scott Grannis: We’re richer than ever | Califia Beach Pundit


One thing investors have made clear in 2021: ETFs are the current weapon of choice

Mutual Funds Bleed $469 Billion as ETFs Triumph in Zero-Sum 2020 | Bloomberg


Can offering investors access to private markets improve their chances of better returns?

How to Fix America’s Yawning Retirement Gap | Barrons