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Current media items


Jack Rivkin interviewed on Bloomberg's Taking Stock


Jack Rivkin looks at growth stocks, new technology

Financial Advisor_Rivkin_0515

Liquid Alternative Investing: Views From The Experts


Jack Rivkin featured in Financial Advisor


Fund Gives Accredited Investors Exposure to Private Equity


New product capitalizes on growing trend of interval funds.

Forbes thumbnail

When Will The Fed Raise Rates?


Speakers from Altegris SIC2015 provide their opinions on outlook.

Jack on with Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn

Jack Rivkin featured on Bloomberg Advantage


Jack Rivkin recaps trends at the SIC with Kathleen Hays


New Fund Offers Individuals Access to KKR Buyout Deals


The Altegris-managed fund provides exposure to private equity, a type of investment more common among institutions.

Jack's appearance on CNBC 04/10/15

Be Careful Investing Overseas


Jack Rivkin interviewed on CNBC to talk about US and foreign markets

929Media article

As Alts Funds Rise, Advisors Demand More Access to PMs


Matt Osborne in 929 Media - education is a key part of the firm's strategy in working with investment advisors. The idea is to help educate retail advisors on issues that participants in the hedge fund industry have known for some time. (login required)

Jack on FoxBus 3.17.15

The Cost of Currency Swings


Altegris CIO Jack Rivkin discusses the dollar’s strength and impact on investing

STA Money Hour

Jack Rivkin interviewed on STA Money Hour


Interest rates, GDP drivers, wages, and the Eurozone

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Jack Rivkin appears on BloombergTV


Eurozone currency fluctuations and minimum wage's effect on the labor markets


Sub-adviser, Burl East of AACA interviewed on Fox Business


The Internet of Things and investing in the data industry

BloombergTV interview on 1/13/15

Jack Rivkin discusses opportunities in oil & tech on BloombergTV


Market’s mixed picture offers wealth of options

Moneylife interview with Jack

Jack Rivkin featured on Moneylife


A conversation about 2015 and Jack's predictions

The Street_Rivkin_122114

Jack Rivkin interviewed on The Street


Jack Rivkin gives his thoughts on the bond markets and asset allocation

Jack on with Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn

Jack Rivkin featured on Bloomberg Advantage


Jack Rivkin talks global innovation with Kathleen Hays

Jack on CNBC Powerlunch_120114

Jack Rivkin talks year-end trends on CNBC


"I would definitely recommend active managers at this point in time."

Absolute Return_Past Performance_Rivkin

Jack Rivkin featured on Absolute Return


"Past performance is not indicative of future results" may be truer now than any time in the past 30 years.

Jack's appearance on Bloomberg's Masters in Business

Masters in Business: Jack Rivkin interview on Bloomberg


Jack Rivkin talks business strategy and tells the story of becoming the subject of a Harvard Business School case study while at Lehman Brothers

Rivkin quoted in USAToday: jobs and stocks

"Jobs and stocks: investors weigh Fed's next move": Jack Rivkin Quoted in USAToday


More from Altegris Chief Investment Officer, Jack Rivkin on jobs report as it relates to the timing of the Fed’s first rate increase

Jack featured in Reuters Global Markets blog

Jack Rivkin featured in Reuters Global Markets Forum Dashboard blog


Reporter Jeanine Prezioso interviewed Jack Rivkin about the recent jobs report on 11/7

Jack being interviewed by Reuters Video

Video: Jack Rivkin on Reuters


Reporter Jeanine Prezioso interviewed Jack Rivkin in online video segment about the recent jobs report on 11/7

Kirk Strawn interview on

Helping Advisors Navigate Liquid Alt 'Subtleties': Kirk Strawn with Peter Ortiz of


Altegris National Director, Strategic Relationships, Kirk Strawn, talks about helping advisors understand how to use liquid alternatives in their portfolios and pick products and strategies that best match their clients' goals

Jack on Bloomberg Advantage

Jack Rivkin on Bloomberg Advantage


Jack Rivkin, guest host of Bloomberg Hays Advantage on 10/15, discusses stocks selloff, bond rally, Russia, tail risk and Intel

Jack featured prominently in Reuters article about bond inflows

Jack Rivkin on Reuters re: Bond fund inflows hit $16 billion worldwide, biggest ever - EPFR


Featured in Reuters article by Sam Forgione, Jack Rivkin on potential reasons for record-high bond fund inflows as tracked by EPFR Global

Jack on CNBC 10.6.14

Jack Rivkin on CNBC


Jack Rivkin discusses small caps, opportunistic strategies and absolute return strategies on CNBC

Lara Magusen on Wealthtrack discussing Alternative Investments

Lara Magnusen on Wealthtrack


Lara Magnusen discusses Alternative Investments with Consuelo Mack on WealthTrack.

Keep close to home - Rivkin

Close to Home


On CNBC’s Power Lunch, Jack Rivkin discussed the European economic situation and strategies for investing with global interest rate fluctuations.

Jack Rivkin on China Innovation, Buying Americas

Jack Rivkin on China Innovation, Buying Americas


On Bloomberg Radio’s The Hays Advantage, Jack Rivkin discussed investing in the Americas and how China is leading innovation in Asia and what that could mean to the developed nations.

Matt Osborne quoted in Fund Industry Intelligence - Managed Futures Funds Eye Rebound

Managed Futures Funds Eye Rebound


Matt Osborne in Fund Industry Intelligence - why it may be better to be invested in these funds now rather than try to predict when disaster is going to strike. (login required)

Rivkin- Red Flag on Stock Valuations

Red Flag on Stock Valuations


Jack Rivkin on Bloomberg Radio: Why Warren Buffett's rule on equity valuations shows the U.S. stock market is entering into what could be risky territory.

Lower Duration, Mitigate Risk with Liquid Alternative Funds

Lower Druation, Mitigate Risk With Liquid Alternative Funds


Jack Rivkin on TheStreet, discusses why most investors may have too low a proportion of their assets allocated to liquid alternative funds.

Ideas for Arming Portfolios Against Inflation


Jack Rivkin featured in On Wall Street, discusses strategies for preparing portfolios for inflation


Finding Alpha in Every Market Condition


Jon Sundt Talks Alternative Investment Strategies with

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Jack Rivkin on Long-Short Mutual Funds


Jack Rivkin, Altegris CIO, discusses Long-Short Mutual Funds in the Wall Street Journal’s Voices feature column.


More Volatility In Markets Ahead? What Investors Can Do


Jack Rivkin, CIO of Altegris, on potential opportunities in volatile markets

bond allocation jack rivkin investment news

Time to Rethink Bond Allocations?


Jack Rivkin discusses 2014 yield movement in Investment News article

Jack Rivkin of Altergis 2014 Market Outlook

Jack Rivkin on Yahoo Finance - 2014 Market Outlook


Jack Rivkin discusses the 2014 market outlook with Aaron Trask of Yahoo Finance.

Altegris Shifts to High Gear

11/13 highlights Altegris product launches.

Advisor One Altegris Jon Sundt Profile

Small Alternatives Firm CEO Casts Large Shadow


Advisor One article on why Altegris CEO Jon Sundt’s vision and commitment has built more than a nimble investment shop.


Managed Futures Strategy or Asset Class


Jon Sundt examines the characteristics of managed futures

What's the Alternative Advisor TV

What's the Alternative?


In the first episode of the series, "What's the Alternative?" on Advisor TV, Jon Sundt breaks down convergent and divergent strategies.

San Diego Source Jon Sundt Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Winner: Jon Sundt


Jon Sundt talks about Altegris with The Daily Transcript/San Diego Source.

UT E&Y Winners

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Jon Sundt


San Diego winners announced for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which includes Altegris CEO Jon Sundt.


AdvisorOne Not All Alts

All Alternative Funds Are Not Created Equal: How To Tell


Jon Sundt discusses four potential mistakes made by advisors' failure to understand the differences between alternative funds.

Jon Sundt on a Tear

On a Tear: How Altegris Made Alternatives Pay Off


Jon Sundt discusses how the firm is “on a tear,” with four different product launches over the past year and a half.

Morningstar Alternatives Go Mainstream

Alternatives Go Mainstream


Jon Sundt explains the potential benefits of allocating your portfolio to alternative investments.

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